Many industries use high-precision linear guides for a full range of applications. However, in applications where high-precision is unnecessary, there are often hidden costs associated with component prices and labour. Start optimizing your linear guides to reduce costs and maximize value.

Optimal solutions to meet your needs

Wide Variety

Sugatsune offers a wide variety linear guides of varying lengths, sizes, load capacities and constructions that can be selected according to project needs.

Simplified installation

Our guides do not require meticulous mounting precision, unlike high-precision guides. They operate smoothly without specialised jigs or pre-processing.

Diverse Lineup

The unique DUAL-X structure

The “Dual X structure” comprises of two plates and eight rollers arranged in an X-shape. The design evenly distributes preload to prevent rattling and ensure smooth movement, regardless of the mounting orientation.

Multi-directional Movement

Supports vertical and horizontal movement and maintains stable motion even under moment. Suitable for a wide range of applications including use in automated machines and cutting machines.

Product presentation by Sugatsune staff!

The diagram shows the combined dimensions of the guide rail and guide block.

Explanation of its unique structure! Click here to watch the product presentation video.

Compact guide block also available.

The overall length is shorter than the standard guide block which can increase the travel distance by 13 mm.

The figures show the combined dimensions of the rail, guide block (MLG-20C) and mounting plate.

The MLG series now includes a slim type model with a width of just 13 mm.

The slim type MLG13 was designed for places where installation space is limited. The use of our original multi-rollers on the guide block ensures smooth motion even under loads in varying directions.

Sugatsune employee explains!

The diagram shows the combined dimensions of the guide rail and guide block.

The diagram shows the combined dimensions of the rail, guide block, stopper and mounting plate.

Application Examples

Workpiece marking equipment.

Conveyor line shutter mechanism.

Arm movement in lightweight transport equipment.

Vertical pipette movement and cartridge changing units in analysis equipment.

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